When Stains Won’t Stay at Bay…

When Stains Won’t Stay at Bay…

When Stains Won't Stay at Bay...When Stains Keep Coming Back

One of the things we hear most often when someone calls to have their carpets cleaned is that they or a service cleaned the carpets before, and the spot almost immediately returned. The main reason for this? Residue.

Residue is anything left behind once the water evaporates from the carpets. Often this is sticky or crunchy to the touch, just like your hair would feel if you didn’t completely rinse out your shampoo. The main issue is this is going to be prime ground for re attracting dirt to the area. A literal dirt trap.

As time goes by, dirt and grime will naturally come into contact with your carpet. Traffic can push it deeper into the carpet fibers, especially if there is residue on the surface. Many people use a home cleaning machine with a chemical and the spot will go away. But unless that cleaner is completely rinsed out, soap residue will be left behind, potentially on top of the grimy layer, and the dirt will quickly return.

Unfortunately, many professionals do the same thing. If any company is cleaning with a soap, you can be sure some of that soap will remain on the carpeting. This makes the carpet dirtier quicker than before, requiring service sooner, perpetuating a cycle of carpet cleaning.

We get that we are your favorite people, you don’t want to have to see that often. That’s why when we clean your carpets, we will leave them with zero residue. Your carpet will be soft, clean, and fresh, just like when you wash dishes or clothes with the power of citrus. We’d be happy to help you make the changes to cleaner, healthier carpets.

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