Replacing vs. Repairing Carpets

Replacing vs. Repairing Carpets

Replacing vs repairing carpets

Over the years, your carpet will inevitably experience accidental spills, dirt marks and other forms of wear that affect its appearance. Replacing your carpet may seem like a good idea, but the costs of doing so can add up quickly. Requesting a carpet repair service may be enough to remove the damage without breaking the bank. Additionally, the wear and tear you see on your current carpet can always resurface on a new one. Repairing your carpet rather than replacing it may be the more cost-effective option in the long run.

Some DIY fixes can repair minor damages, but others will require the high-duty tools in a professional arsenal. Even burn holes and torn seams are fixable with the right company. Our guide to replacing vs. repairing carpets will explain what signs to look for and when you should refresh your current carpet or update it with a new one.

Can You Repair a Carpet?

As you invite loved ones over, enjoy family time in your living room and perform daily home activities, your carpet will experience some wear and tear. Over time, your carpet may experience damages that make it unsightly to you and your guests. Thankfully, you can quickly restore your carpet to its former glory by having a professional repair it.

It’s possible to repair your carpet by patching, vacuuming or scrubbing it with vinegar, soap and water. These solutions may work on minor damage if you feel comfortable trying them. However, a lack of experience can make the problems worse. Calling the pros will ensure a clean repair with quality equipment and supplies, and you can request professional help for more long-lasting solutions. Professionals can perform repair services such as mending your seams, carpet patching, removing excess carpet and more to address your carpet concerns.

Additionally, carpet cleaning services will lengthen your carpet’s lifetime, so you experience fewer problems with it later. Finding a carpet cleaner is easier and more cost-effective than installing a new one.

When to Repair Carpets

When you have minimal damage that you find unsightly but is not significant enough for carpet replacement, it’s a good idea to seek repairs. Professionals carry the necessary equipment to remove most stains and perform other services that could be costly if you tried to do them on your own.

You may need to repair your carpet if you see these issues.

  • Abundant piling: Loose strands of carpet fibers can combine to form little balls or strings.
  • Holes: Holes can occur from accidents, animal claws and moving furniture around a room.
  • Water damage: If you allow water to sit on your carpet for an extended time, mold can build up.
  • Damaged seams: Regular wear and tear can pull the threads in your carpet and unravel the ends.
  • Carpet burns: Fire embers, candle wax and other hot liquid or materials can burn your carpet.
  • Ripple, folds or bumps: Sliding furniture and poor installation can make your carpet appear raised.
  • Harsh stains: Food and drink spills, on top of accidental mud and dirt tracks, can create dark and large stains.
  • Pet damage: Animals can have unexpected messes or use your carpet as a shredding mat, leaving it in ruins.

How to repair carpets

How to Repair Carpets

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to repair your carpet because of all the different issues you could be facing. For instance, vacuuming loose pilling won’t make that burn spot less visible. However, you can attempt to repair some damages on your own.

A mixture of water, vinegar and water can help reduce the vibrancy or size of food or drink spills and your pet’s special surprise on the floor. By dabbing at the spot with a clean cloth, you might minimize the damage. Removing ink or blood stains will require more intense solutions, including isopropyl alcohol or grease-fighting detergent. These types of damage require more attention, and you may find yourself bending over the same spot for consecutive days before making significant progress.

Repairing your carpet may be more challenging if you have burn spots or holes. The process involves removing the damaged section and replacing it with new carpet. Though you may be able to complete this task on your own, it will take some time, and you may make the damaged spot more noticeable if you cannot seamlessly patch it.

Calling a professional for carpet repairs can be more effective in the long run. On top of saving time, you can expect a high-quality service that restores your carpet.

Consider these benefits of hiring a professional.

  • Extending lifetime: Proper care and attention can help expand your carpet’s life, so you can avoid purchasing a new one.
  • Saving time: Rather than dedicating time to finding the right supplies and spending days trying to remove stains or patching holes, professionals will repair your carpet while you focus on other daily duties.
  • Enhanced cleanliness: Damaged carpets can leave debris that you track through the rest of your home or allow for a buildup of mold and other substances that can affect your air. Carpet repair can address these issues and remove trouble spots.
  • Saving money: You can save yourself the cost of equipment and ingredients by requesting professional service. Furthermore, it will be less expensive to repair a carpet than replace it with a new one.

When to Replace Carpets

Unfortunately, as with everything else in your home, your carpet will eventually reach the end of its life. Though minor stains and minimal damage are easy to fix, you can’t always combat extreme damage or old age. Even when you try your best to take care of it, your carpet will still see wear and tear throughout the day, and accidents will happen naturally.

Some stains won’t come out despite your best efforts. If your carpet has multiple stubborn trouble areas that take away from its splendor, it might be time to get a new one. Additionally, most carpets will last somewhere between five and 15 years. In spare bedrooms or other areas where you don’t spend much time, your carpet can last longer with proper care, but your everyday areas will likely need a refresh sooner rather than later.

There are other signs to watch out for, including strange odors. If the first thing you smell when you come home is your old carpet, you’ll want to consider replacing it. Over the years, your carpet will absorb dirt and grime that even the best cleaners and air freshens can’t overcome. Homeowners with allergies may have an even worse experience with these carpets because the dust and pollen that could be hiding in your carpet fibers will float through the air and irritate them.

Dreary or outdated colors could be another sign you’re due for an upgrade. You may have loved that mustard yellow or red square pattern when you purchased your home in the ’90s, but that yellow may have turned brown over the years, and those patterns aren’t in style anymore. Replacing an outdated or dreary carpet would make more sense than continuing to repair it in these cases.

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