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Citrus Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services In Atlanta

We know that running a business takes a lot of effort, but don’t let cleaning your office carpets add extra stress to your day — our professional carpet cleaners can take care of that. Commercial carpet cleaning is our bread and butter. As one of the top-rated commercial carpet cleaning services in Atlanta, Citrus Fresh proudly provides all-encompassing, natural and quality commercial carpet cleaning for businesses in the area.

We make our proprietary plant-powered solution in-house, fresh every day. Our teams are at the ready to take on the toughest corporate carpet stains and large office rugs. Our low-moisture deep cleaning process makes for the perfect cleaning solution — because we avoid over-saturating your carpets, they typically dry within two hours.

Commercial carpet cleaners

Carpet Cleaning

We can treat all types of commercial carpets – we are your carpet care experts!

Upholstery & Cubes

Upholstery & Cubes

Upholstery & Cubicles cleaned, sanitized & restored to looking brand new.

2-Hour Dry Time

2-Hour Dry Time

Minimal disruption to your schedule or workflow with our one to two-hour dry time.



We can handle all types of commercial rug cleaning & maintenance for your site.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Reduce allergens, improve productivity & employee satisfaction with clean air.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

Regardless of the size of your property or budget, we can tailor a custom option for your site.

Get your Carpets Looking Fresh

Are you ready to take your commercial office to the next level by having your carpets and rugs cleaned?

How Commercial Carpet Cleaning Can Help You

Say good-bye to weird-smelling, dust-collecting, bacteria supporting rugs and carpets with our commercial rug cleaning services! Give your entire office space a facelift by conducting a carpet deep clean at least once a year. If you live in Atlanta and you’re searching for commercial rug cleaning services, Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning will help you keep your commercial space cleaner, safer and drier.

Citrus Fresh Services for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Seeing as your commercial office space likely experiences high traffic, the likelihood of your company needing natural commercial carpet cleaning services is a given. Luckily, our professional carpet cleaning process involves zero toxins and 100 percent sweet smelling, orange scented cleaners accented with hints of lemon and orange.

Business Carpet Cleaning in Atlanta

Whether you’re in need of a high-rise carpet deep clean or a business carpet cleaning, Citrus Fresh has you covered! We offer a wide range of carpet care and cleaning services. Keep reading below to learn more about our commercial carpet cleaning services in Atlanta.

Commercial Rug Cleaning Services

If your office floors are covered in rugs, you’ll want to make sure those rugs are clean. Dust, mold and bacteria are known to stay hidden and trapped within the fibers of rugs. Professional carpet cleanings once a year will improve the air quality of your office and the health of your employees.

Carpet Cleaning in Atlanta for Upholstery Cubes

Does your office have upholstery cubes or other furniture decorating its rooms? Your sofas, chairs and cubes need cleaning, too! Beyond extending their lifetime, ridding them of dust and odor will improve the quality of your office. The next time you schedule an office carpet cleaning, mention that you’d like to have your upholstered furniture and cubicles sanitized, as well.

Flexible Commercial Carpet Cleaning Prices in Atlanta

Our commercial carpet cleaning prices in Atlanta are competitive and all-inclusive — we never hike up prices or include any last-minute, hidden costs. We also offer customized pricing options as opposed to just flat-rate fees. Depending on the area of the rooms you need to be cleaned, our pricing will vary. Since many companies often find a way to upcharge through the “one-price-fits-all” model, our custom pricing will save you money and grant you peace of mind when it comes to professional carpet care.

Extra benefits of working with Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning include supporting a women-owned and run business, experiencing exceptional customer service, receiving a free bottle of our all-natural cleaning solution and engaging with a Carpet and Rug Institute Preferred Vendor. We are devoted to delivering unmatched carpet cleaning services and will do a thorough job of restoring your carpets and rugs to as close to brand new as we can.

Contact Us for Natural Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Atlanta

Are you ready to take your commercial office to the next level by having your carpets and rugs cleaned? If you have any questions about our Atlanta commercial cleaning services, contact us today! You can also schedule a cleaning appointment online anytime.

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Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Fresh from the AJC, Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaners featured here:

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Miller + Union
Miller Union has been happily using Citrus Fresh for our restaurant carpet cleaning for four years. They first caught our attention because they do not use chemicals, and our restaurant uses sustainable practices whenever possible. Their product and work are exceptional, not to mention the customer service, communication and reliability. If we ever need to reschedule a cleaning they are very flexible and will work around our evolving schedule as needed. We will continue to use Citrus Fresh for our carpet cleanings as long as we are in business!

—Julie S., Manager & Coordinator

Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning has been a utilized vendor that I frequently utilize on my properties and refer residents to. On every occasion their prices have been competitive and their service has been extraordinary. The team at Citrus Fresh is very responsive when addressing on call type situations and have been proactive in notifying me of potential carpet related issues through my buildings. It is among these reasons that I immediately attempt to bring Citrus Fresh in to all of the condominium complexes that I commission and do not hesitate to reference them for in unit work for residents.

—John H., Regional Manager

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