Professional Cleaning Services for Your Furniture

Professional Cleaning Services for Your Furniture

Professional carpet cleaning services for your furniture

Why Is Deep Cleaning Furniture Important?

In any home, everyone should receive comfort from their furniture. Your furniture helps provide a comfortable space for relaxation for family members, pets and guests alike. Since you see your furniture every day, it can be challenging to see how much it may have changed since buying it.

After some time, couches and chairs will begin showing physical signs of use. The fabric of sofas and armchairs can easily collect dust, dirt, odors and spills over time without notice. Simple everyday activities often cause messes, making your furniture sets look worn out much sooner than anticipated.

While vacuuming the cushions and scrubbing out stains can help eliminate these signs of use on the surface, an entire world of dirt and debris takes shelter within the fibers of the cushions. Your furniture reflects the air quality in your home, and household air often contains billions of particles, from lint, pollen and mold to dust, dust mites and pet dander. These air pollutants regularly seep into upholstered furniture. On the surface, the fabric may look clean. However, these hidden elements can cause the life span of furniture to decrease significantly.

These two factors contribute to surface-level messes and deeper dirt that can be difficult to clean without the help of a professional. Without the proper care, the life you get out of your furniture quickly decreases.

How Often Should You Have Furniture Professionally Cleaned?

Professional cleaning is recommended once to twice a year, depending on how frequently you and others use your furniture. The number of people and pets who take comfort in your furniture influences how often you need upholstery cleaning. If you use your furniture regularly, a professional should visit every six months to provide routine cleaning services. Less frequent use of furniture only requires one appointment every year.

If you have never had your furniture professionally cleaned, look for these signs in your own living space to tell if your couches and armchairs could use some immediate TLC.

  1. Furniture shows physical signs of use: Surface-level hints of dirty furniture, such as stains, withering fabric and fading color, are the first indications of needing an appointment with professional cleaners. These signs can make the furniture appear older and worn out early.
  2. The upholstery begins to emit an odor: Physical messes are only a fraction of what couches and armchairs can absorb. While stains are sure to leave behind scented remnants of the spills, air pollutants that reside deeper within the fabric can also create an unmistakable smell. Professional cleaning can help reach between those interwoven particles to remove the scent.
  3. Furniture begins to age quickly: Frequent use of furniture can cause the cushions to sag and the color to darken more quickly. Similar to surface-level signs of wear, furniture begins to absorb the life around it. Pets, household members and guests contribute to the aging of couches, chairs and ottomans every time they relax on them. If you notice your furniture looks significantly different than when you first bought it, a professional cleaning service can help bring your upholstery back to life.

Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

A clean couch is a clean house. Professional upholstery cleaning improves the quality of the furniture and also the air quality in the home. Cleaners specialize in removing all the incredibly small pollutants that burrow in the fabric. Household members can also avoid pesky allergies without the furniture continuing to capture pet hair and pollen.

Professional upholstery cleaning improves air & furniture quality

Professional cleaning can also help your furniture last longer. Cleaning surface-level messes can improve the overall look of each piece of furniture. However, debris in hard-to-reach areas filled with air pollutants deteriorates upholstery over time. A deep clean can help make couches and chairs look clean and maintain a longer life span.

Professional cleaners are qualified to care for many different fabrics and carefully consider your furniture’s material during cleaning to ensure a sleek and fresh look.

On average, consumers spend more than $500 annually on furniture. Cleaning your furniture is significantly cheaper than replacing couches and chairs every couple of years. Material can fade over time from frequent use, causing furniture to appear older and worn out much more quickly than anticipated. Professional cleaning can help increase furniture pieces’ life span and keep the fabric looking young and vibrant.

Furniture and Fabric That Professionals Can Deep Clean

Professional upholstery cleaning is not limited to couches and armchairs. While these are the most common requests made by customers, cleaners can restore the life of other furniture such as recliners, ottomans and dining chairs. Upholstery of all types has various cleaning approaches that help maintain a long-lasting life for all furniture pieces.

Professional cleaners specialize in maintaining the quality of various pieces of furniture. These experts familiarize themselves with upholstery made from the most common fabrics, including:

  • Acetate
  • Acrylic
  • Cotton
  • Leather
  • Linen
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Rayon
  • Silk
  • Wool

Their daily tasks also allow them to become familiar with even the most delicate fabrics, such as chenille, velvet and corduroy. Intricate materials like these may seem difficult to clean, but professional cleaners are highly qualified to tackle every furniture project and take detailed preventive measures to maintain each fabric’s texture, color and comfort.

Contact Citrus Fresh for Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Atlanta

Citrus Fresh is the ultimate destination for quality furniture cleaning services. When you trust our dedicated team of professional cleaners, you can rest assured that your furniture’s upholstery is in the best care in the Atlanta area.

Our personalized cleaning services start with you. On the first visit, we use a careful, detailed cleaning process on your upholstered furniture or carpet. The results will offer a memorable experience for you and your furniture pieces as you watch your upholstery spring back to life.

We mix our cleaning solutions in-house with all-organic natural ingredients to provide a healthy-looking finish to your furniture. Since our formula doesn’t include chemicals, your couches and chairs will smell as fresh and clean as they look.

We administer our six-step cleaning process with special care and your unique pieces of furniture in mind. We take great pride in familiarizing ourselves with all fabrics to ensure we use the proper tools and cleaning solutions tailored for your upholstery pieces.

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