Five Benefits of Citrus-Based Carpet Cleaning

Odor, mildew and bacteria — oh my! Even the most pristine home or office collects pesky carpet stains and less than pleasant smells over time. When you need a rug, carpet or upholstery cleaned, wouldn’t you rather choose a natural, plant-based cleaning solution? Citrus-based carpet cleaning makes it easy to go green with a non-toxic process that’s safe for your home, your family and the planet.

Many cleaning companies overlook the benefits of green carpet cleaning. They opt to use harsh chemicals and high-moisture processes that take days to dry. With environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning, orange and lemon extracts power through stains and eliminate mold and mildew, leaving behind only squeaky-clean freshness in your home.

Top Benefits of Natural Carpet Cleaning

You may be wondering, is green carpet cleaning right for me? In a word, yes! Here’s a look at the top five benefits of citrus-based carpet cleaning.

1. Better for the Planet

Many of us strive to make our homes as green as possible. We recycle, compost kitchen scraps and buy natural household cleaners. You can bring your love for the planet to your carpet with environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning.

Do you know where your carpet cleaning solution comes from? Many citrus-based cleaning products are made at 100% toxin-free facilities using pure, sustainable ingredients. You can trust that all-natural, bio-based cleaning ingredients won’t harm Mother Nature.

2. Cleaner, Fresher Air

Every day, your carpet acts as a giant filter by collecting bacteria and grime. The problem? All that dirt circulates back into the air. Cleaning your carpet with chemical-based cleaning products leaves behind harsh toxins and residue that seep back into the air you breathe. Choosing green carpet cleaning means better air quality for your environmentally-friendly home or office.

Natural, pH-balanced cleaning solutions drive away mold and combat stains. After only a two-hour drying time, you can enjoy fresher air and a glowing citrus scent that’s safe for your lungs.

3. More Powerful Cleaning

Think only strong chemicals can blast through carpet stains and mildew? Citrus-based carpet cleaning products offer powerful, non-toxic cleaning capabilities.

When used in the carpet-cleaning process, food-grade citrus oils work to prevent the growth of mold before it starts. Citrus carpet cleaning products are also known to clean tough stains and neutralize pet odors. When you need a reliable carpet cleaning service, turn to the power of plants!

4. Safer for Kids and Pets

The health and safety of your kids and pets is your top priority in your home. Whether you’re planning a routine carpet clean or need to remove pesky stains in your favorite rug, don’t settle for harsh, toxic chemicals. Keep your pets and kids healthy with a safer, plant-based cleaning solution.

5. Faster Dry Time

Have you ever had to wait days for your professionally cleaned carpet to dry? Experience the efficiency of a low-moisture deep cleaning process. With many citrus carpet cleaning products, your rug, carpet or upholstery is dry in under two hours. A shorter wait time means you can return to your daily routine sooner and enjoy the crisp citrus scent of your clean carpet.

Ready to Choose Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning Services?

At Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning, our all-natural system uses a unique combination of bio-based agents to give a comprehensive and safe clean to residential rugs and upholstery as well as commercial carpets. We provide all-inclusive, flat-rate pricing with no surprises after we arrive, so you’ll know exactly what you’ll pay before your service visit.

As a women-owned business, we focus on serving your individual needs for a green and clean home or office. To speak with a specialist, contact us today, give us a call at 404-606-2155 or schedule an appointment online.

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