Carpet Cleaning in Lawrenceville, GA

At Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning, we offer exceptional carpet cleaning services for residential and commercial properties in Lawrenceville and beyond. We know that each space is unique, so we customize our services to handle your specific needs. Our team is dedicated to keeping carpets clean and fresh using our effective methods and plant-based cleaning solutions.

Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Citrus Fresh is a premier carpet cleaning company serving Lawrenceville and surrounding areas. Our specialties include commercial and residential carpets, rugs and upholstery furniture. We also assist in removing pet stains and odors. Our technicians use a natural, plant-based solution that we make in-house to tackle all your cleaning needs. The non-toxic ingredients are safe for your family and pets, leaving your space smelling citrus fresh.

As top-rated experts, we go above and beyond to ensure you have an outstanding carpet cleaning experience when you work with us. You can expect a simple yet effective process, with your carpets only taking 2 hours to dry.

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Carpets add a cozy and warm atmosphere to your home or business, but they can hold an accumulation of bacteria and mold regardless of how often they are vacuumed. With our carpet cleaning services, we eliminate harmful substances, remove odors and help you maintain healthy indoor air quality.

We offer a wide range of Lawrenceville carpet cleaning services.

Pet Stain and Odor Removal

You love your pets, but they can have accidents and cause messes that leave stains and unpleasant odors on your carpets. We take care of pet stains and odor with three treatments — deep cleaning, basic and advanced pet treatment. Depending on your situation, we can help you get rid of surface-level stains or penetrate carpet fibers and padding to target stubborn stains and lingering odors.

Rug Cleaning

We provide oriental, dry and area rug cleaning services to keep them well-maintained and prolong their life span. Our expert technicians use a low-moisture deep cleaning method and our environmentally friendly solution to keep your rug in good condition while making sure it is thoroughly cleaned. We also inspect and color-test rugs before cleaning to protect them from damage.

Upholstery Cleaning

We understand the delicacy of upholstery fabric, which is why we take extra care and precaution when cleaning upholstered furniture. In addition to using our non-toxic cleaning solution, our technicians employ a gentle hand-cleaning technique to preserve the quality of your furniture.

Commercial Cleaning

When it comes to commercial properties, maintaining a clean space is crucial for creating positive impressions. We offer various commercial carpet cleaning services to keep your business pristine with improved indoor air quality and a fresh citrus scent. You can rely on our skilled technicians to leave your carpets clean and safe.

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Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning is the go-to choice for carpet cleaning near you. With our environmentally friendly cleaning solution combined with state-of-the-art equipment, we can handle all your residential and commercial carpet cleaning needs and more.

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