Four Essential Post-Carpet Cleaning Tips

Congratulations! Your carpet, rug or upholstery has now been professionally cleaned. Your home or office feels brighter and cleaner, creating a healthier atmosphere for your family or employees. But you may be asking yourself, now what? What should I do after my carpet is cleaned?

First, make sure you understand the specific post-carpet cleaning instructions provided by your technician. Asking questions during the final walk-through will ensure you know what to do after your carpet is cleaned. For easy reference, here are four post-carpet cleaning tips to help your rug, carpet or upholstery stay fresher, longer.

Carpet Care Tips to Use Post-Cleaning

Once your technician has cleaned your carpet, follow these simple steps for the best post-carpet cleaning results.

1. Allow Your Carpet to Dry

The most crucial post-carpet cleaning tip is to stay off the damp or wet carpet while it dries. Drying times for most professional cleaning services range from four to 24 hours or more. However, some low moisture deep cleaning processes — like the Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning system — will take only two hours to completely dry.

The amount of drying time can differ depending on the material, humidity level and treatment received. Be sure to confirm the approximate drying time with your technician.

2. Use Warm Circulating Air for Faster Drying

Warm, moving air helps dry carpet fibers. Consider turning up the heat or turning your off AC after your carpet is cleaned, depending on the time of year and weather conditions. Then, open your windows and turn on ceiling fans to promote air circulation. Adequate ventilation from floor fans, ceiling fans and outside breezes will speed up the evaporation and drying process.

3. Keep Pets and Kids Off Damp Carpet

Wet carpet can be very slippery, creating a safety hazard for rambunctious children and pets. It’s important to reduce foot traffic to avoid falls and keep dirt from tracking onto damp carpet. Consider spending time outside with the kids or engaging them in a fun activity in another room. When you clean your carpet with Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning, you’ll only have to wait one to two hours before returning to your everyday routine.

4. Wait 24 Hours Before Replacing Furniture

Your technician may have placed blocks or tabs underneath furniture to prevent any stains or rust spots. It’s recommended to wait 24 hours before removing these tabs or replacing any furniture. Moving furniture before the carpet is completely dry can dent carpet fibers and transfer stains from furniture finishes.

Not sure how long to wait before replacing furniture? Give your technician a call. Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning’s low moisture deep cleaning system significantly reduces your wait time so you can enjoy your crisp, fresh carpet sooner.

Choose Non-Toxic, All-Natural Carpet Cleaning

Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning offers a safe, plant-based cleaning solution for residential and commercial carpet cleaning. Our powerful citrus solvent cleaner combats stains, odors and bacteria with all-natural ingredients, and our state-of-the-art tools prevent over-saturation for a low-impact, high-return cleaning experience. Green spray bottle & towel

At Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning, we’re a customer-focused business. Unlike at other companies, our flat-rate pricing is all-inclusive, and we offer exact quotes — not estimates. As a women-owned company, we work hard to deliver five-star rated customer service and a non-toxic carpet cleaning process you can trust to elevate and refresh your home.

Cleaner. Safer. Drier. That’s the Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning difference. To speak with one of our experienced specialists, contact us online, call 404-606-2155 or schedule an appointment today.

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