Top 9 Summer Carpet Cleaning Tips

During the summer, your carpet can collect more dirt and grime than usual. Family gatherings, cookouts and graduations mean more foot traffic from guests — not to mention kids home from school all day!

You may be wondering, how can I keep my carpet clean this summer? With a few handy tips for cleaning, your rug or carpet can stay pristine. Here are the top nine summer carpet cleaning tips.

1. Enjoy a Backyard Barbecue or Picnic in the Park

Take the birthday party or family gathering outside when the sun is shining to minimize foot traffic indoors. You can set up tables and chairs in the backyard for an al fresco meal or head over to your city park. Enjoying a get-together outdoors is the best way to avoid spills — from both kids and adults — in the house. Exercise, vitamin D and no carpet stains? It’s a win-win.

2. Keep Shoes Outside

Next up on summer cleaning tips, kick off your shoes! When it’s time to go inside, make sure any dirt, grass and bacteria stay out by creating a “No Shoes in the House” rule. Ask family members and guests to remove their shoes in your foyer or when they come inside. Make this rule fun for kids by providing colorful socks or slippers to wear while they’re indoors and a cubby station to store their shoes.

3. Place Welcome Mats at Exterior Doors

Hosting an outside gathering is a great way to keep your carpets clean — but your guests will need to use your bathroom eventually! Put a sturdy, coarse mat inside and outside each exterior door. These mats allow guests to clean their shoes when they enter, reducing the amount of grime and moisture tracked on the carpet.

4. Clean and Treat Spills on Your Carpet Right Away

During a bustling party with family and friends, a dropped ice cream cone or spilled beer might seem like a cause for panic. Accidents happen, so now is the time to prepare! Stock up on natural stain remover and cloths or paper towels and store them somewhere easy to access. Be sure to treat spills and stains immediately so you can remove them from your carpet and get back to the party.


5. Donate Items You No Longer Need

You’ve likely heard about spring cleaning — summer cleaning is much the same. It spruces up your home and means less for you to dust and clean. Take time to work through each room of your house. Consider donating anything that is collecting dust and not a family heirloom. It may be challenging to let go of some items, but you could be helping a family in need or a charity of your choice. Also, throw away or recycle any broken items.

Decluttering your home means fewer surfaces to clean and less secondary dirt falling on your carpets from dusting your interior.

6. Vacuum Your Home Regularly

Summer cleaning is essential. Pet stains and odors can especially accumulate as cats and dogs shed their winter coats. You spend more time outside with family, only to find tracked-in dirt, sand and debris on your carpet.

A top tip is vacuuming regularly. Vacuuming your home lifts and collects dust, dirt and other debris from rugs and carpets. It is an excellent way to remove allergens, dust mites and pet hair from your floor and furniture, preventing grime from embedding deeply into fibers.

7. Clean Your Microwave With Lemon

Lemon smells fresh and is a great way to tackle the sticky and oily stains within:

  • To make cleaning your microwave easier, place a lemon slice in a bowl of water and heat for three minutes.
  • Leave it in the appliance and wait another three minutes.
  • Carefully remove the hot bowl and scrape the grime off.

8. Wipe Your Ceiling Fans With a Pillowcase

A simple tip for cleaning your ceiling fans is to take an old pillowcase and carefully place it around a blade. Then wipe outwards, allowing the dust to fall into the case and not on your carpets or bedding. Repeat this with the other blades and household items. Once done, deposit the dirt outdoors and throw the case in the laundry.

9. Choose Natural Citrus-Based Carpet Cleaning Services

Treating summer carpet stains can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. When you decide to clean your carpet this summer, choose a citrus-based carpet cleaning solution that’s safe, effective and fast-drying. At Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning, our exclusive system utilizes natural, plant-based agents boosted by orange, lemon and grapefruit extracts. Our uniquenon-toxic cleaning solution and five-star customer service offer one of the most highly rated carpet cleaning experiences in the Atlanta area.

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