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Kennesaw Carpet Cleaning Services

The benefits of Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning of Kennesaw, Ga include the removal of harmful bacteria and molds that accumulate in your carpet and upholstery fibers. With top-notch service that is backed by experience and know-how technicians, our company delivers a service you can count on. Our services include carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and rug cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Atlanta using a natural citrus solution for carpets, upholstery cleaning Atlanta and Rug Cleaning Atlanta

Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning Kennesaw, Ga is the leader in residential and commercial carpet & upholstery cleaning.  Our professional staff will tailor their approach to fit the specific needs of our clients, while maintaining our focus on eco-friendly applications.

In addition to our cutting-edge carpet cleaning methods, we have lots of knowledge pertaining to effective treatment of different types of carpets and fabrics that allow us to achieve superior results every time!

Kennesaw Carpet Cleaning for Businesses

Maybe you run a busy restaurant, own a day care or have several floors of call centers in a high-rise. No matter where you are in the Kennesaw or Atlanta areas, Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning can help you clean and freshen your carpets.

Keeping your carpets spotless is important — your employees, customers and vendors are counting on you to ensure every area in your commercial space has been thoughtfully sanitized. When you partner with us, you can feel good knowing that your carpets won’t be clogged with dirt and grime.

Advantages of Partnering With Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Kennesaw, GA

You have choices when it comes to picking your preferred carpet cleaning service provider in Kennesaw. Why should you choose Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning? Read on to discover the top reasons so many corporate entities trust us to clean their carpets and textile surfaces.

  • Environmentally friendly products: We make our own citrus-based, biodegradable cleaning solution every day. The solution is free from chemicals and relies on natural ingredients to lift particles off carpeted and upholstered surfaces. All that’s left behind is a fresh-smelling carpet that hasn’t undergone a toxic treatment.
  • Low-moisture processes: Your newly cleaned carpet shouldn’t take days to dry. Our process requires very little moisture to work. This allows you and your team members to get back to top-level productivity within about two hours of our knowledgeable technicians cleaning your carpets.
  • Effective removal of bacteria and germs: Our eco-conscientious solutions and procedures may be gentle on your carpets, but they’re tough on germs. The products we choose effectively remove 99% of mold spores and bacteria.
  • Improved indoor air quality: By pulling up unwanted dirt, dust, pollen and other particulates from your carpeted floors, Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning helps you increase your indoor air quality. This has been linked with a reduction in allergic responses to airborne irritants, as well as lowered absenteeism rates.

Upholstery Cleaning Services in Kennesaw for Commercial Facilities

Does your commercial space include upholstered furnishings and equipment, such as couches in a waiting room or cubicle walls? Make sure your upholstery gets treated by a professional cleaning services company. Upholstery acts like a filter — just as carpet does — that gets very dirty over time. Dirty upholstery can leave your public and private office spaces looking shabby, smelling stale and promoting an unhealthy work atmosphere.

Our proprietary, gentle method of cleaning upholstery removes grime from textiles without hurting the integrity of the furniture. You’ll be amazed at how different your business spaces look after a thorough upholstery cleaning with our all-green solution.

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Give your talented staff members a cleaner space to do great work by working with Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning. Our women-owned small business is highly rated because we truly care about your commercial space.

You can get a quote by calling us at 404-606-2155 or send us a message online to schedule an appointment.

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