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Citrus Fresh specializes in providing the highest quality professional carpet care when it comes to cleaning area rugs. Experience one of the top ranked area rug cleaning Atlanta by booking your service today!

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Area rugs can make great accents to most rooms. A good rug can last for many years, sometimes even becoming a family heirloom that gets passed down for many generations. To stand the test of time, routine area rug cleaning is required. Just as dirt and contaminants damage the fibers of any carpet, an area rug can be affected in the same way. To maintain their original look, feel and integrity, rugs must be cared for with regular, professional cleanings. Dirt and other particles increase wear and tear and can eat away at the material if left untreated for extended periods of time.

Our onsite rug cleaning service means that you can skip costly and time-consuming pick-up or delivery charges and enjoy your rugs immediately after the cleaning. As a precautionary measure, our technicians will perform a complimentary color test on your precious rugs before we begin the cleaning process.

Find out why we provide the best oriental and area rug cleaning Atlanta by calling or booking online today!

Why use Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning for your Oriental Rug & Area Rug cleaning?

You take your nicest clothing to the dry cleaner to avoid the damage caused by soap and the over-wetting of fine fabrics. Customers choose our unique, low-moisture rug cleaning method for the same reason! When it comes to cleaning rugs, our pH balanced cleaning method is suitable for rugs (including oriental rugs and wool rugs), is effective on tough stains, and will not leave a residue behind. Our low-moisture rug cleaning technique coupled with our phenomenal citrus solution, provide impressive results, even in the presence of grease, oils, heavy soiling and tough stains. We won’t soak your rugs because this can lead to yellowing, wicking, water spots or discolorations. With our low-moisture citrus cleaning technique, most rugs are dry within a few short hours. Area rug cleaning Atlanta.

Please note: we are unable to clean leather, fur, seagrass, silk, jute or sisal rugs.