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Pet Stain and Odor Removal Services for Carpets in Atlanta

You love your pet — but you probably don’t love pet stains from messes and accidents. Whether you’re renting or you own your home, keeping your floors in tip-top shape is likely a priority. Flooring repairs and replacements are costly projects, and your furry friends can contribute to the wear and tear on your floors. Unfortunately, removing pet odors and stains from carpets can be challenging without professional stain and odor removal services.

Most household cleaners mask the smell of pet urine and other stains without removing them. This leads to lingering smells and stains that may interfere with the comfort and cleanliness of your home. Professional-grade cleaning products remove pet odor by deeply penetrating the carpet and breaking down the chemicals that cause the odor.

Pet Stains & Odors

Benefits of Pet Stain Removal Services

Accidents may happen when pets get too excited or they aren’t fully housetrained. If your pet is suddenly having accidents in the home, it could be a result of disease or old age. Accidents can also become a behavioral issue — some animals like cats and dogs will also engage in territorial behavior called urine marking, where they may urinate on walls, furniture or belongings in the home to mark their territory.

No matter the reason, once your pet’s urine or excrement saturates your carpet, you’ll face more than just unpleasant sights and smells. It’s important to understand how sub-surface extraction of stains and odors positively affects the cleanliness of your home.

You also need to find a professional to ensure they clean the carpet and remove the stain. Professional carpet cleaners can treat stains and odors, including old and dried ones. Here are some of the benefits of professional cleaning services.


Neutralizes Odors

One of the primary benefits of professional cleaning services is that they neutralize lingering pet odors and replace them with a fresh, pleasant scent. If there are any pet odors in your home, professionals can help you get rid of them once and for all.

Bacteria - Pet Stains

Eliminates Harmful Bacteria and Urine Proteins

Pet urine contains harmful bacteria that can cause diseases in humans, such as leptospirosis. You need chemicals with special enzymes to decompose the bacteria and urine proteins. Household cleaners aren’t as strong as professional cleaners, so they may be unable to remove tough pet odors and stains.

Eco-friendly natural cleaners. Vinegar, baking soda, salt, lemon and cloth. Homemade green cleaning.

Uses All-Natural Cleaning Solutions

Many homeowners don’t want to use professional cleaning services because they want to avoid chemicals in their homes. However, Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning uses all-natural and non-toxic products in our cleaning solutions. These cleaning solutions are safe for children and pets, environmentally friendly and improve air quality. Our products are plant-based and provide a pleasant scent from orange, lemon and grapefruit extracts.

Proteins - Pet Stains

Acts Fast

The sooner you remove pet messes from your carpet, the better chance you have of permanently eliminating stains and odors.  Your carpet absorbs the proteins in urine and fecal matter and holds onto the scent.  The longer it has to absorb it, the worse the stain will be. Our pet treatments loosen and liquefy these proteins and dry quickly. Our low-moisture deep cleaning dries within two hours.

Urine Residue - Pet Stains

Avoids Lasting Residue

Sometimes after you clean a urine stain, it reappears. As urine dries, it leaves behind a crystalline residue. An increase in moisture or humidity reactivates the stain and odor. This is why the stain begins to reappear, the odor is difficult to remove and topical treatments are usually ineffective.

The Unseen - Pet Stains

Combats Stains and Odors at the Root

There’s more to your stained carpet than meets the eye. Pet urine germs and bacteria can seep under the carpet fibers and onto the carpet padding. It requires commercial-grade cleaning products to clean the carpet fibers and padding.

Treating the stains at the source prevents damage to your flooring. Professional cleaners have the experience to deal with this mess quickly and effectively, preventing damage.

Cross section of pet stain in carpets

Pet Stained Carpet Cleaning Tips

The three common pet stains are urine, feces and vomit. Though they’re unpleasant topics, reviewing the tips for cleaning them is important. Time is of the essence. As soon as you notice a stain, you must act quickly to prevent long-term odors and staining. Here are the steps for cleaning pet stains:

    1. Blot the stain: Remove any solids, then lay clean cloths or paper towels over the stain to absorb any liquid. Repeat as necessary until there’s no more liquid. Never scrub the stain or put pressure on it because that rubs it into the carpet fibers.
    2. Spray with water: Once you remove the majority of the solid and liquid waste, spray the area with clean water. Avoid soaking the carpet. You want to dampen it and dab it with a clean cloth or paper towel. Repeat until there isn’t any more liquid.
    3. Use an all-natural pet stain removal: After you rinse the carpet, use an all-natural cleaner to remove the rest of the stain and odor. Like before, spray the carpet lightly, dab it with a paper towel or cloth, and repeat until there’s no more liquid.
    4. Check the stain later: Check the stain later to ensure you can’t see it and there isn’t an odor. You’ll want to contact a professional if you can still see or smell the stain — certain stains and odors will need professional treatment as typical household cleaners only work on surface stains, but they won’t clean stains that seep into the padding.

Pet Odor and Stain Removal Treatments for Carpets

The treatment your carpet needs depends on how severe the stain is. For example, some carpet stains are on the surface, but others seep into the carpet padding. Learn more about the different methods we use to treat carpets for stains and odors.

1. Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Mild: Basic Cleaning

We identify any hidden pet stains by using ultraviolet (UV) light. Once we find the stains, we spray the carpet with a light mist of Citrus Fresh, only enough to dampen the fibers. Next, we use an industrial buffer with a cloth pad and a circular brush under the machine to brush the carpet. The buffer removes embedded soil, hair and dirt.

After brushing the carpet, the solution begins to work. It breaks down stains and odors and brightens the carpet to its original color. Once the solution starts to work, we vacuum the carpet with a commercial-grade vacuum to remove any remaining hair or dirt. The carpet is now clean and should dry within two hours.

Your room will retain a citrus fragrance for a few days. Our solution continues to repel dirt and debris from your carpet fibers. With weekly vacuuming, your carpet stays clean for longer.

Basic Pet Treatment

Basic Pet Treatment

Moderate: Intense Topical Treatment

If the pet stain on your carpet is moderate, we start by cleaning the carpet with our deep cleaning process. Afterward, we apply a specially-formulated solution to break down the urine proteins and remove stains and odors. Then, we inject professionally created enzymes and safe bacterial cultures into the padding beneath your carpet.

Advanced Pet Treatment

Advanced Pet Treatment

Severe: Subfloor Treatment

When the stain requires subfloor treatment, we perform a deep cleaning and topical treatment. We also clean your carpet backing by removing, rinsing and sanitizing the entire carpet. One of the common reasons odors linger is because they have seeped into the padding. This treatment should eliminate remaining pet odors and stains from your home.

Ready to Rid Your Atlanta Home of Pet Odors and Carpet Stains?

Lingering carpet stains can stand out against your clean carpet. They might cause a musty or unpleasant odor in your home that impacts your comfort and health. When basic stain removers don’t get the job done, you’ll want to turn to the professionals. Commercial-grade cleaning products are stronger than store-bought ones and can effectively eliminate stains and odors, no matter how old.

Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning is a top-rated Atlanta carpet cleaning business run by women. We want to ensure you have an outstanding experience with Citrus Fresh. Our five-star service includes faster drying times and non-toxic products. When we leave, your floors are like-new and refreshed with a pleasant citrus scent. Whether you require regular cleanings, a big clean before a special event, or pet stain and odor removal, we can help.

Check out our price and treatment options to find one that works for you. When you’re ready to schedule your appointment, contact us or use our online booking agent. We look forward to helping you refresh your carpets and eliminate pesky odors and stains.

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