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Douglasville, Georgia, Carpet Cleaning Services

The benefits of Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning of Douglasville, Georgia, include the removal of harmful bacteria and molds that accumulate in your carpet and upholstery fibers. With top-notch service that is backed by experience and know-how technicians, our company delivers a service you can count on. Our services include carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and rug cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Atlanta using a natural citrus solution for carpets, upholstery cleaning Atlanta and Rug Cleaning Atlanta

Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning Douglasville Ga is the leader in residential and commercial carpet & upholstery cleaning.  Our professional staff will tailor their approach to fit the specific needs of our clients, while maintaining our focus on eco-friendly applications.

In addition to our cutting-edge carpet cleaning methods, we have lots of knowledge pertaining to effective treatment of different types of carpets and fabrics that allow us to achieve superior results every time!

Your Douglasville Home Deserves Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Have you noticed that the carpets in your Douglasville, Georgia, house look old or stained? Do you wish your rooms smelled less musty or stale? Let Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning wow you with our environmentally safe, yet incredibly powerful solutions. Pre-Treat

Hiring us to clean your carpets allows you to create healthier, more appealing living spaces. Carpet cleaning lifts dirt, debris and pollutants from deep within your carpet’s fibers. Our services leave your carpet spotless and odor-free. Plus, regular carpet treatments can extend the lifespan of your carpeted flooring, saving you money in the long run on home improvement costs.

When Should You Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner in Douglasville?

Families and businesses have different reasons for hiring professional carpet cleaners. However, some of the most popular times to get in touch with Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning for a thorough deep clean include:

  • When the seasons change. Seasonal changes are a prime time to get rid of any lingering allergens brought into your carpet from the outdoors. Our low-moisture, high-impact plant-based cleaner will remove unwanted particles from your carpets with every visit. Seasonal cleaning improves your indoor air quality and lessens the presence of airborne allergens in your house or commercial space.
  • When you can’t get your carpets clean anymore. Do you vacuum and vacuum, only to become frustrated with the results? Your carpets may be so clogged with grime that regular vacuum cleaners simply won’t get the job done. A deep clean can loosen soil, sand, dust and pollen from your carpet fibers, leaving the surface looking years younger.
  • When you want to get rid of carpet pet stains and odors. Being a pet parent involves messes and spills. However, you don’t have to live with spots on your rug. Instead, call us to freshen up your carpets and remove reminders of pet accidents.
  • When you’re having visitors. Are you planning a get-together of friends or family at your home? Do you expect to have a lot of foot traffic during the upcoming holiday season or over the summer? Before your guests arrive, make sure your carpets are stain-free and smelling fresh.
  • When you’re planning to put your house on the market. Selling your home involves quite a bit of forethought and staging. Be confident that potential buyers who tour your property won’t be dismayed by the sight or smell of your carpeted surfaces. Many real estate agents work with Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning in and around Douglasville to encourage buyer interest, higher bids and faster closes.

Douglasville, Georgia, Upholstery and Rug Cleaning Services

In addition to cleaning carpets, our technicians can also tackle your stained or dirty upholstered surfaces and area rugs. We can even address grimy upholstery in vehicles. Carpet Cleaning Canton Ga, Citrus based solution, Upholstery Area Rug Cleaners - Residential & Commercial

Whether you have a sofa that contains a large pet stain or a stairway runner that’s seen better days, our team members are ready to wow you. Thanks to our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can be certain that you’re going to love the results — or we’ll do our best to make it right. Plus, you’ll always get a free bottle of our exclusive cleaner after every visit as a way to thank you for being a loyal customer.

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Why buy new furniture or replace beautiful accent rugs if you can revitalize them with an eco-friendly, sustainable cleaning product that we make in-house daily? Contact our team online or call 404-606-2155 today to schedule an appointment.

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