12 Reasons to get regular Carpet Cleaning

12 Reasons to get regular Carpet Cleaning

Regular cleaning helps maintain your carpet and keep it comfortable for years. When you get home at the end of the day, your carpets provide a soft and relaxing welcome back. Carpets keep your home warm and cozy during the winter. Your carpets do so much for you, which is why it’s important to take care of them, too.


Importance of Carpet Cleaning

It’s completely normal for carpets to get a little dusty or spotty. Coffee spills, muddy feet, pet hair and dust are essentially inevitable. The great thing is that stains and debris are temporary with regular carpet cleaning maintenance. Carpet cleaning makes carpets last longer. Without the wear and tear of dirt on your carpets, you can extend the time until a replacement becomes necessary.

Reasons to Get Regular Carpet Cleaning

If you spill some wine or leave behind a few crumbs from your midnight snack, you can rest peacefully knowing your regular carpet cleaning appointment is already scheduled. Here are 12 reasons you should get regular carpet cleanings.

1. Contributes to Cleaner Fresh Air

Many carpet cleaning products incorporate citrus-based cleaning agents to remove odors from moisture or smoke that have seeped into your carpet. Citrus-based cleaners are better for the environment, and choosing a company that uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions helps improve your air quality.

2. Makes Carpet Maintenance Easier

Regular carpet cleaning removes residue and grime from the carpets, making it easier to collect dust and particles when vacuuming.

3. Reduces Allergens and Bacteria

Carpet cleaning uses steam or low-moisture systems to remove bacteria and allergens that trigger allergies, asthma and eczema.

4. Removes Stains and Spots

Cirtus-based cleaning products are highly effective in removing stains and spots. They surround soils and residues deep in your carpet to remove tough stains and marks.

5. Brightens the Room

Cleaning your carpets lifts the dust off the surface, which breathes new life into your room.

6. Enhances Carpet Appearance

Many carpet cleaning products contain ingredients that improve the texture and color of your carpets, making them look thick, fresh and fluffy.

7. Removes Dander and Dust Mites

Carpet cleaning helps eliminate invisible dust mites and danders, including pet hair, human hair and skin particles.

8. Helps Uphold Your Warranty

Some carpet cleaning companies require regular maintenance by an IICRC-certified company to protect the quality of your carpet. Use a carpet cleaning service that helps maintain your carpet warranty.

9. Promotes Comfort and Relaxation

Coming home to the fresh smell and sight of clean carpets can make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

10. Enables Deep Cleaning

Carpet cleaning companies use powerful cleaning equipment that targets dirt and debris deep beneath the surface of your carpets where vacuums cannot reach.

11. Extends Carpet Life Span

Regular carpet cleaning helps reduce carpet wear and tear, so you can keep your carpet longer.

12. Helps You Enjoy Your Home

Enjoy TV time, a good book, naps or carpet angels on your soft, clean and citrus-scented carpets. Plus, eat your pie and have your wine with ease and peace of mind.


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