Carpet Repair Services

Carpet Repair services

Plush, clean carpets offer a sense of comfort and peace — until life happens. Whether it’s spilled coffee, muddy rain boots, the cat using the carpet as a scratching post or kids going rogue with a marker and paint, your carpet doesn’t stay picture-perfect for long.

You may think that with all the wear and tear, you have to rip up and replace the carpet in order to get your space looking good again. Fortunately, you can achieve a clean look with carpet repair that doesn’t require a replacement. With Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning, you can get your carpets cleaned quickly and without the harsh chemicals. We also offer repair services to get your carpet back to what it looked like before it experienced the wear and tear that comes with a lived-in space.


Benefits of Carpet Repair

Quality rugs cost a pretty penny. Even if you did splurge for a new rug to cover old carpet, all the problems that come from spills, pets, kids, and general wear can happen to your new rug, too. If you’re seeking continual replacements, you may get stuck in a cycle of constant upgrade and damage.

You can break the cycle by choosing repair over replacement. When you choose to repair your carpet, you avoid spending too much on an upgrade. Repairs also give life to a carpet that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. This is a sustainable decision that reduces waste — both environmentally and financially.

Buying a new carpet requires more than a financial investment. It requires you to spend time heading to home improvement stores, pouring over swatches, debating between different options, reorganizing the room and waiting for your appointment — all to tear apart the room for installation and rearrange the space again once the contractors finish.

When you opt for carpet repairs, you may need to move a chair or coffee table at most. You’ll wait a few hours while Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning takes care of the rest. Once we leave, you can walk right into your room and it will be ready for you to use and enjoy.

Reasons you Need Carpet repair

Reasons You Need Carpet Repair

The longer you have carpet, the more likely it will need some type of care. It’s generally only a matter of time until the room experiences a spill or damage, so getting repairs is just a part of having a carpet. Here are a few of the reasons your carpets might need some restoration:

  • Carpet burns: Whether someone put out a cigarette, some embers spat out of the fireplace or a candle got knocked off the table, burn marks or holes can make an otherwise pristine carpet seem dingy.
  • Harsh stains: Wine, mud, coffee, marinara, blood, marker, paint, grease, lipstick, gum, vomit and urine all spell trouble for your carpet. Sometimes no matter how much you blot, scrape and scrub, the stains just won’t loosen their hold on your carpet.
  • Bumps, ripples and folds: You can generally attribute uneven areas on your carpet to poor installation, excessive force or sliding furniture.
  • Water damage: If your carpet sits in water for too long, it can become a breeding ground for mold — especially if it has thick padding underneath.
  • Pet-related damage: Your puppy had a potty training accident. Your cat left a hairball on the floor. The kitten started using the fabric as a shredding mat. Pets aren’t concerned about how much work it is to get their stains out of the rug, so they never show the same level of care about these accidents as you’d like.
  • Holes: You can get holes in your carpet for countless reasons. No matter what happened, you can turn to patching rather than replacing.
  • Undone or damaged seams: Seams will sometimes start to pull or unravel depending on the age or wear on the carpet.
  • Pilling: As a carpet sheds, the fabric can start to build up into balls of loose fibers if the vacuum can’t handle the volume and rate of shedding.

None of these issues warrant a need for total carpet replacement. Thankfully, Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning can get your carpet back to excellent condition in virtually any situation.

Services We Provide

At Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning, we provide a variety of Atlanta carpet repair services, including:

  • Carpet patching services: We can expertly replace damaged carpet with a new carpet piece. The best results come from using a spare piece of carpet from the original installation, but we can use methods such as carpet matching or sampling carpet from underneath stationary furniture if needed. With the damaged piece removed, you can kiss the carpet stains, rips or holes goodbye.
  • Pet-damaged carpet services: Pets cause all sorts of carpet-related problems that may require carpet patching. We’ve got the experience and tools needed to address pet damage and restore your carpet.
  • Carpet stretching services: Over time, carpet can form ripples or bulges as it bunches or pulls away from the wall. We can realign loose carpet as needed and remove any excess carpet while reattaching it to the floor. This process eliminates all unsightly imperfections in a wrinkled or loose carpet.
  • Carpet padding replacement services: If your carpet padding is worn down or damaged from excess water, we can replace it to eliminate dingy odors and unsightly stains. And if you’re looking for new carpet padding, we can install it with careful attention to detail.
  • Burned carpet repair services: Our burned carpet repair process has many similarities to carpet patching. We use precise tools to remove the burned area and replace it with a section of spare carpet.
  • Berber carpet repair services: The weaving of Berber carpets requires additional attention due to its tendency to develop snags and runs. We take the extra precautions necessary to ensure the protection of these looped carpet designs.
  • Carpet seam repair services: Sometimes carpets come loose, and when they do, the seams can tear, stretch, fray or become exposed. This problem could result from poor installation, scratching pets or moving furniture. We’ve got the tools and experience to mend carpet seams back to their intended place.

Give Your Carpets the Care They Need With Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Give your carpets the care they need with Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning

If your carpet could use some TLC, trust the professionals at Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning to get the job done. We offer some of the best carpet patchings in Atlanta to leave your carpet looking as close to new as possible.

We treat your carpet with care and restore the space to its former glory without the need for brand new carpet installation services. We handle your home like it’s our own — that means precise repairs, quick service, and no harsh chemicals. We’ll get you back in your space as soon as we can because we understand how valuable your home is to you.

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