Do I need to vacuum our carpets before you arrive?

If possible, please vacuum carpets and rugs before we arrive. Not only does this speed up the cleaning process, but it will help your tech to better assess and discuss items during your initial walk through before the cleaning process starts.

How long will my appointment take and how long will it take my carpets to dry?

Our average appointment ranges from approximately 1 – 2.5 hours and carpets are typically dry within an hour after we leave (pet treatments and special applications may require more time). However, the amount of time can depend greatly on several variables: the condition or material of the carpet, amount of items or furniture to be cleared, spot removal treatments, and the layout of the home or building being cleaned, oftentimes an appointment make take slightly more or less than our average of 1 – 2.5 hours.

Will your company move furniture?

To some degree. Our technician will move what he or she can. However, due to liability and safety concerns, they are limited to moving small- to medium-sized items like coffee tables, night stands, dining chairs, etc. They cannot move larger, heavy pieces like dressers or china cabinets bookshelves, pianos, sofa beds and other heavy belongings.

Please be sure to point out any items you would like moved during the initial walk through with your technician. Whenever possible, we ask that you clear items from the floor (toys, dog beds, floor lamps, plants, decor, and clothing) before your appointment.

Our technicians are happy to help with moving lighter weight, small to medium sized furniture like coffee tables, dining chairs, house plants, etc. However, due to liability and safety purposes, we cannot move large items like china cabinets, entertainment centers, pianos, sofa beds, bookcases, pianos, safes or any other heavy belongings. Although we cannot move some items, we will be happy to clean right up to the edge of them. If there are any light items that you would like your technician to help move, please let them know during your initial walkthrough during the appointment.

What are your prices? Is there a minimum price?

Our carpet cleaning costs are clear and upfront. Please see our comprehensive price list here. We do have a carpet cleaning service minimum of $130.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We prefer check or cash, but also accept all major credit cards, including American Express. We also have a convenient online bill pay option as well.

What is your service area?

We cover most of the Atlanta Metro Area. Please see our service area for specifics.

Is there a service window? When will my technician arrive?

Due to the unpredictable nature of Atlanta traffic and other unforeseen events, we cannot always commit to an exact time. To allow our customers to more accurately plan their day, we provide a three-hour timeframe in which they can expect their technician to arrive. Our technicians will call the customer directly when they are on the way to the customer’s service location the day of the appointment.

Can I add additional services or products like protector, sanitizer or pet treatment the day of the appointment?

If there is enough time available on the technician’s schedule, YES! Please be sure to let your technician know when they arrive if you would like to add any additional treatments. Adding on additional areas to be cleaned shouldn’t be a problem, as long the schedule will allow for the extra time required to clean those areas or pieces to be cleaned. If you know in advance that you want to add services, areas or products, please call before the appointment, and we can add them for you.

Curtains & Skirting: If possible, please pin back or up any curtains, drapes, bed skits or upholstery skirting that comes within 12 inches of the carpet.

Lighting: We find that opening blinds and windows and providing as much light as possible will maximize the technician’s ability to visualize stains and spots, resulting in the best possible outcome

Are there any items or materials that you don't clean?

Although we clean most carpets, rugs & upholstery, we cannot clean leather, fur, seagrass, silk, jute, sisal, and some viscose, cotton, linens, natural fiber or bleeding (dye) materials found in rugs and upholstery. Also, due to the inability to thoroughly clean the internal portion of some cushions, we cannot always remove pet urine odors from upholstery.

Can Citrus Fresh Clean my Carpets if I live in a high-rise building?

Yes, no problem! Whether you live on the 1st floor or the 75th floor, we can clean at any altitude!

What makes Citrus Fresh so different from other carpet cleaners?

Citrus is very effective against grease, soils, pet stains, and fights yellowing and oxidation that can dull your carpet. Citrus Fresh cleans and treats your carpet without leaving a sticky, soapy, or chemical residue. Unlike most carpet cleaners, we do not use what is commonly referred to as a “truck-mounted” cleaning system. Our process is very low moisture, so we don’t need to extract liquid. Citrus Fresh also does not have hidden charges, fees, or fine print. We do not give detailed estimates. That leaves too much room for a new number when you are billed. Usually higher, much higher. We give EXACTIMATES. That means you can make out your check before we even get there. Ask another carpet cleaner if you can do that with them! We try every day to change the way people think about carpet cleaning.

I have two large dogs that not only shed but at times also have “accidents” on my carpet. What would you recommend to get rid of the urine smell and stains?

Yes, our pets at times seem like all they want to do is keep leaving deposits on our carpet. It makes you wonder if they want to buy it! Citrus Fresh, with its powerful, dry cleaning fluid process, will not only leave your carpets smelling great but when combined with our antimicrobial will eliminate the urine smell in your carpets and deter your pets from using the same area. Our cleaner, powered by citrus cleaning agents, eliminates 99% of the bacteria and germs associated with a pet mistake.

If I have pets, how often should I be vacuuming my carpet to keep it in good shape?

Carpets need attention, just like your pets. Vacuum two or three times per week, check your vacuum bag and empty regularly. We recommend (along with the EPA) that homes with pets and children get carpets cleaned at least twice per year. It’s not realistic to call a professional cleaner after each pet incident. If your pet does have an accident that requires immediate attention, do not clean the area with soap and water. Instead, spot clean your carpet by using a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. After removing the majority of the urine stain with the vinegar solution, allow it to dry and finish the process with our Citrus Re-Fresh Spot Cleaner, which we leave with every customer.

I have just replaced my carpet. My old carpet was matted down and seemed to get dirty quickly. What can I do to make my new carpet last longer?

The best way to extend the life of your carpet is VACUUM, VACUUM, VACUUM! Like any other fabric, carpet will last longer with proper maintenance. Frequent vacuuming prevents abrasive soils from cutting and prematurely wearing the fiber. In addition, avoid using carpet cleaning processes and spot cleaners that leave a soapy, foamy residue behind. This can trap dirt and particles in your carpet and can cause chemical discoloration. You would never shampoo your hair and leave the soap. The same goes for your carpets. Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning is a dry cleaning process with a twist of lemon, orange, and grapefruit. Powered by citrus cleaning agents extracted from citrus peels, our carpet cleaning formula helps fight yellowing and oxidation that can dull your carpet, similar to how the lemon juice in a fruit salad keeps the bananas and apples from discoloring. If you have an unusual spot you don’t know how to clean, call us for advice. Most stains can be removed with immediate, proper treatment.

How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

Carpets should be professionally cleaned every 12-18 months to make them last longer and to help keep them in great shape.

If taken care of properly, how long does carpet last for?

Depending on the quality, carpets can last anywhere from 5-15 years. When properly cleaned and taken care of, you can help extend the life of your carpet.

If I'm selling my house should I get my carpets professionally cleaned?

Yes! Dirty carpets can take away from your home and give people the impression that your home hasn’t been properly cared for in other areas. Cleaning your carpets before selling your home allows you to make a great first impression on potential buyers! Realtors can check out our realtor program for more information.

What should I look for in a good carpet?

Many factors go into choosing the right carpet. Consider your lifestyle, if you have pets or kids and how often your carpet will be used first. When choosing a carpet, you should also consider things like the weight of the fabric, making sure you have the proper padding beneath your carpet, and selecting the right material.

Are certain carpet colors better than others?

Carpets come in thousands of colors, so it may seem a bit overwhelming to choose one. Your style preferences and the look you’re going for will play a big part in the color you end up choosing. There’s no right or wrong color, but you should always keep your lifestyle in mind when choosing a carpet. Do you have kids or pets? Your carpet may be prone to more spills and accidents, so a darker carpet would be more ideal for blending stains in better. However, stains can be removed- so don’t let that stop you from choosing the carpet of your dreams.

What are the best carpet materials for kids and pets?

Synthetic fiber carpet is best for kids and pets. Since nylon is highly resistant, it helps protect against constant wear and spills. Choosing a medium-colored carpet is also a great idea for minimizing the looks of wear and tear. If a carpet is too light or too dark, stains and spills may be more obvious to the eye.

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