Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Specials

Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning Specials

We’re not your typical carpet cleaning company in Atlanta. Our non-toxic cleaning solutions, professional cleaning practices and carpet cleaning deals deliver unparalleled customer experiences every time. If you have a tough stain, we’re here to help, and we won’t break your bank.

Our carpet cleaning deals also include upholstery cleaning specials for your Atlanta home. Keep reading to learn more about our exclusive offers.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning in Atlanta

With affordability comes access, and we believe anyone should have access to professional cleaning services. That’s why we make sure working with us is affordable. Our prices are all-inclusive, with no hidden fees ever. We also offer special promotions to help you save some extra cash.

Our affordable carpet cleaning includes:

  • Pre-inspection to gauge the health of your carpets
  • Stain and spot removal for any tough animal or food residues
  • Deep cleaning
  • Basic odor neutralization with our citrus-based cleaning solution
  • Triple HEPA filter vacuum treatments to reduce allergens

Save With Our Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Specials

We offer our carpet cleaning deals to give you a feel-good boost when you order our services. As a women-run and -owned business, we understand the costs of maintaining a home add up. We also know everyone loves a good deal! With our current carpet cleaning specials for our Atlanta services, you can:

  • Save $20: Use the code CF20 to save $20 when you clean three rooms and one hall.
  • Save $40: If you need a whole home cleaning, take advantage of our $40 off special by mentioning CF40 at checkout.
  • Save $15: We also offer upholstery cleaning specials in Atlanta. Currently, you can score $15 off when you purchase cleaning services for one sofa and one loveseat.

We also give our clients a free bottle of our non-toxic cleaning solution for spot treatments between services. SEE BOTTOM FOR CODES!

Why Choose Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning

At the core of our carpet cleaning company lies dedication, honesty, respect and a strong commitment to keeping families happy and healthy. Since your carpets and rugs lay underneath you every day of your life, it’s important to us that they maintain their looks and safety.

  • Unmatched Customer Service: We work hard to earn our rave reviews. By putting our clients first and operating with high levels of professionalism, we keep our customers happy and their carpets fresh and clean.
  • Affordable and Inclusive Pricing: Our prices don’t mysteriously increase at the end of our cleaning process. While many companies will add on extra fees, we stay true to our initial pricing and quotes.
  • Fast Response Time: We’re known for responding quickly to inquiries made both online and over the phone. If you ever have a carpet disaster and need emergency cleaning, we’ll be there.
  • Two-Hour Dry Time: Our low-moisture, deep-cleaning process allows for lightning fast dry times.
  • All-Natural Cleaning Solution: We blend our own all-natural, non-toxic cleaning solution every day at our facilities. Your safety and health are two of our top priorities. When it comes to the rugs and carpets that lie beneath your feet, we take it upon ourselves to eliminate harmful chemicals from your home surfaces. Our citrus-based solution smells of orange, lemon and grapefruit. Aside from smelling great, it also improves the air quality in your house.

Ready to Take Adtavenage of Our Carpet Cleaning Specials?

If you have any questions regarding our carpet cleaning deals in Atlanta or what kind of services you need, contact us today or schedule an appointment online.


*Please note that online carpet or upholstery cleaning promos cannot be combined with other coupons or deals.


Upholstery Cleaning
1 Sofa, 1 Loveseat

Was $165 (Save $15)
Promo Code: CF15

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