When is a filter more than a filter?

dirty carpet filter that will be clean by Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning Atlanta

When is a filter more than a filter?

The answer? When it’s your carpet.

If you picked your carpeting, you probably picked it for it’s looks, it’s feel, or it’s price point. You didn’t think about it absorbency or filtering ability but that’s exactly what it does. When you vacuum, when you walk on it, when the windows are open or the AC is on, you are pushing the air through your carpet to be filtered.

It’s easy when you see it get dirty or stained to start thinking about putting in hardwood floors. But is that really the best answer?

So, where does carpet cleaning come in? Well in-between cleanings, you carpet is absorbing soil, pollen, dander, fungus, bacteria, dust mites, chemicals, and who knows what. You can see yourself not just in the traffic patterns darkening the carpet in your home but also in the filtration or silt lines that appear underneath the door or at the edge of the room where the carpet isn’t as easily vacuumed.

Just like you wouldn’t want a full air filter on your heater or a used filter for your water, you don’t want your carpet clogged. The best way to remedy that is regular cleaning. This will also mitigate any permanent damage to the fibers of your carpet, making them look dingy and discolored.

Our technicians know just how to get your carpet back to being clean and fresh. With our low moisture, no residue carpet cleaning, we’ll have your carpets quickly back doing their job. Let us clean them so they can clean for you.

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