Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning Can Help Eliminate Allergies

Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning Can Help Eliminate Allergies


Citrus Fresh Can Help Eliminate Allergies

Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning Can Help Eliminate Allergies

Getting your carpet professionally cleaned can relieve you and your loved ones from allergies and asthma symptoms by getting rid of contaminants in your flooring’s fibers. Even though vacuuming and other cleaning methods can help reduce dust mites and other allergens, they can’t completely remove them from your carpeting. On the other hand, the citrus-based products we use at Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning are healthy and useful for removing allergens from your rugs, carpet and upholstery.

The main ingredient of our citrus-based cleaning products is citrus peel extract. And they’re made in a 100% toxin-free facility with sustainable, pure elements, so you can have peace of mind about using them around your kids and pets. Instead of using harsh cleaners with chemicals that reduce your home’s indoor air quality, our natural cleaners will make your indoor air more comfortable to help you breathe freely in your living space.

Vacuuming vs. Deep Cleaning Carpets

Most homeowners have a weekly vacuuming and cleaning routine to remove the allergens and other contaminants from their carpets. You may want to vacuum two or three times a week if you suffer from asthma or allergies. Keep up with that routine especially during the times of year when you’re most vulnerable to specific allergens like pollen or dust.

Upgrading to a vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter can help eliminate some household allergens more efficiently, reducing unpleasant symptoms in you and your loved ones. But keep in mind that dust mites and pet hair are larger than the minimal size of what a HEPA vacuum cleaner can absorb and retain. Even if you have an efficient vacuum, you’ll have to include other methods and products, such as deep carpet cleaners, to ensure you’ve removed all the allergens from your home.

Besides vacuuming once a week, you should also get your carpeted flooring cleaned about once or twice a year. You may want to have a professional come more frequently if you have allergies, especially in the spring and fall when allergies are prevalent. This cleaning method uses natural materials and innovative technology to effectively and successfully eliminate the common household allergens in your home.

Common Household Allergens in Your Carpet

Professional deep carpet cleaning can reduce the following contaminants from the carpets in your home:

  • Dust mites: These microscopic arachnids naturally live indoors because they tend to thrive in humid, room-temperature places. Their digestive enzymes and body parts can make people sick.
  • Cockroach debris: Cockroaches’ body parts, digestive enzymes and saliva can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms.
  • Mold: The buildup of mold in your home can cause hay fever and asthma symptoms when inhaled. This allergen grows on wet surfaces, especially moist carpet fibers, and in the humid air.
  • Pet hair and dander: Besides being allergic to pet hair, you or your loved ones could also be allergic to animal skin, which appears in carpets as pet dander.
  • Houseplants: Indoor plants can develop mold, especially if you keep them in damp wicker baskets, and that can end up in the air and your carpets. But houseplants don’t usually shed as much pollen as outdoor plants.

How Often to Get Carpets Cleaned to Reduce Allergens

In general, you should get your carpets cleaned at least once or twice a year. You’ll probably want to have them cleaned three times a year if you or someone in your family has allergies. Carpet acts as a filter, absorbing the allergens and contaminants in your home. Unless you clean it regularly, you can kick up harmful allergens as you walk or sit on the floors.

You may also want to invest in professional deep carpet cleaning services more frequently if you have pets or allow your guests to wear shoes. Pets bring in debris from outside and can leave waste, hair and dander on your carpets. Shoes also carry dirt into the house that wears down your carpet and could make you and your loved ones sick. You’ll have to remove the waste and grime from pets and shoes often in your home if you want to protect your family from allergies.

Advantages of Citrus Carpet Cleaning for Allergies

Using citrus cleaning offers the following time-saving and health-boosting benefits for those who have allergies in your home:

Effective Removal of Allergens

You may try to get rid of the dust, animal dander or mold in your carpeting with several popular cleaning methods. Even after spending the whole day vacuuming the floors and removing the clutter around your house, you might still have allergens on your carpet. Using our citrus cleaning products with these other techniques can effectively eliminate the harmful contaminants in your home. Food-grade citrus oils also prevent mold growth, clean tough stains and remove unpleasant pet odors.

Safe Cleaning Solutions for the Whole Family

Citrus cleaners are safe to use around your little ones and pets who may be sensitive to harsh chemicals from standard commercial cleaning products. As your kids walk, crawl or play on your clean carpets, you can have peace of mind that they’re not breathing in toxic substances. Their developing lungs can be healthier when you use safe, natural cleaners on your flooring that don’t contain harmful, toxic substances.

Cleaner Indoor Air

Sometimes, cleaning your home can make your allergies worse because of the harmful chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your cleaning products. These cleaners can trigger allergy symptoms, asthma and other respiratory conditions, especially if you clean your carpets often. Since citrus cleaners only use toxic-free substances, including citrus extract, they keep your air clean instead of releasing toxins into the indoor atmosphere. As a result, you can breathe in clean air that smells good as you freshen up your carpets.

Faster Dry Time

Since mold can grow on damp fibers and trigger allergy symptoms, you’ll need to use carpet cleaners that quickly dry instead of leaving your floors soaked for days. Our low-moisture deep cleaning process leaves your floors dry in less than two hours. Save time cleaning your house and have peace of mind that your carpets won’t attract mold from excess moisture.

Contact Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning to reduce allergens in your home

Contact Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning to Reduce Allergens in Your Home

Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning offers professional deep carpet cleaning services to clean your home’s flooring. Our all-natural system for cleaning carpets is beneficial for your loved ones’ health, and it effectively removes common household allergens from your living space. You and your family can enjoy your indoor living space and have peace of mind about the safe, natural products we use when cleaning your carpets. Contact us online or call 404-606-2155 to schedule an appointment.

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