10 Reasons to get regular Carpet Cleaning

Picture of clean white rug in a clean white room

10 Reasons to get regular Carpet Cleaning

It’s really the best thing we can do for them. Here are some reasons for proper carpet cleaning maintenance:

It really will make the carpets last longer. Without the wear and tear of dirt on your carpets, you can extend the time until replacement.

  1. Cleaner, Fresher Air. Your carpet is one giant filter. You change the filter in your furnace to be clean. Do it for your carpet too for a better air quality.
  2. Easier to clean. We can remove any residue and grime from the carpets, making dirt and soil easier to vacuum away.
  3. Stain and Spot Removal. It’s best to clean them before they are too set in and damaging the carpet. They will also attract more dirt and debris if not removed.
  4. Lessen the bacteria, allergens, and other unwanted microbes in your home.
  5. Brighten up the room, improving the overall appearance of your home.
  6. The feeling of contentment of clean carpet beneath your feel, like sliding into fresh sheets after a long day.
  7. Carpet that looks clean and smells fresh
  8. Dust mites and dander are eliminated.
  9. Uphold your warranty. Many companies require regular maintenance by an IICRC certified company. Some cleanings will actually void your warranty. Not us.
  10. We want you to enjoy your home and your carpet all year round. Give us a call or book online and see what we can do for you – schedule your carpet cleaning in Atlanta today!

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