Citrus Fresh Specializes in Pet Stain Removal

Citrus Fresh Specializes in Pet Stain Removal

We all wish our pets loved clean carpets as much as we do, but sometimes our furry friends can’t help it. Fortunately, our exclusive Citrusolution dry cleaning fluid process not only smells great and removes stains, it eliminates 99% of bacteria and germs when combined with our antimicrobial solution.

The natural d-Limonene used in our Citrusolution Carpet Cleaning Atlanta, NE, Decatur – Pet Stain Removal process helps to break down the enzymes of your pet’s urine, which helps in removing the stain and its odor – d-Limonene is a major component of Citrusolution – the oil extracted from lemon and orange rinds or solids. The rinds and pulp are sent to an evaporator and the d-Limonene is steamed out. It is widely known for it pleasant scent and degreasing properties. d-Limonene is currently being used in many applications such as chlorinated solvent replacements, hand cleaners, and sewage treatments.

Pet Stains & Odor Removal

The Citrusolution Carpet Cleaning Process will be much more successful at removing odors and stains than a typical steam cleaner, who will be saturating your carpets with water that can’t be completely removed. The steam cleaning method uses water that will spread the urine throughout the rest of the carpet and into the padding, causing the germs to be spread and the odor to become worse!

To address stains between cleanings (we recommend 2x/year visit) skip the foamy off-the-shelf sprays. Simply spot clean with a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water, and allow to dry. Once dried out, finish off with our CitruSpotter Stain Remover, which we leave behind for FREE after every cleaning.

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