Boosting Your Business With Naturally Clean Carpet

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Boosting Your Business With Naturally Clean Carpet

Looking for a carpet cleaning business that serves businesses in Atlanta and the surrounding areas with green solutions? Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning is your answer. We use only natural ingredients in our carpet cleaning products to give you the freshest carpet and business space possible. 

Natural Carpet Cleaner Benefits

At Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning, we use only environmentally-friendly products in each of the plant-based cleaning solutions we make in-house every day. Made 100% free of toxins, our cleaning solution cleans your carpets and upholstery without tainting the environment — inside or out — with chemicals. There are a host of benefits to using our natural carpet-care and upholstery cleaners. Here are just a few of them.

Cleaner Air at Your Business

Your carpet acts as sort of a sponge attracts dust, dirt and bacteria. These particles tend to get suspended in the air every time you take a step. That air then can make you more likely to get sick or exacerbate any allergies that you, your coworkers or your customers may suffer from. 

Our carpet cleaner works better than those of our competitors and will have your carpet, and by extension, your air, looking and feeling cleaner than ever. Our citrus fragrance ensures safer surfaces and better breathing for your customers and workforce. 

Elimination of Pet Odors and Mold Doberman puppies sitting on clean carpet

Our non-toxic cleaning solution isn’t just great because it’s green. It’s also one of the most powerful solutions in the carpet cleaning business. The food-grade citrus oils we utilize in our cleaners work to rid the carpets of mites, bacteria and dirt. Citrus oils are also highly effective for eliminating pet odors.  


Mold is another common issue that might be lurking in your carpets and other surfaces. Our carpet cleaning solution can rid these surfaces of mold and also help prevent it from returning. 

Quick Drying to Help Prevent Mold Growth

In every carpet cleaning we do, we use a low-moisture, deep-cleaning process. Low moisture content deprives mold of the necessities it needs to grow. It aids in the reduction of dust mites as well. 

Unlike other commercial carpet cleaning services that use methods that take days to dry, our process takes only a few hours. That means you don’t have to wait for the weekend when the office is empty to call us in, and your carpets will be dry, fresh-smelling and ready for the next business day. 

Taking Business to the Next Level With Natural Carpet Cleaning Solutions

When you work with us, your business space will feel fresher. Workers will also likely be happier working in a pleasant-smelling, hygienic space — which can lead to better productivity.

Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning makes your carpet cleaner and greener. We believe in taking the commercial carpet cleaning services industry to the next level with our environmentally-friendly products and doing right by the planet. 

If you’re interested in getting the carpets at your business clean without the use of harsh chemicals, please, give us a call at 404-606-2155 or fill out a contact form today!

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