How Often Should I Clean My Restaurant Carpet?

How Often Should I Clean My Restaurant Carpet?

How Often Should I Clean My Restaurant Carpet

Proper carpet maintenance is critical to retaining customers in the restaurant industry. When a customer walks in and sees a clean, well-maintained environment, they feel more confident in your ability to deliver a delicious meal. A spotless, freshly-cleaned carpet can have a significant impact on how your restaurant environment appears to customers.

Proper restaurant carpet cleaning can set you apart from your competitors and keep your staff happy as they enjoy working in a clean workplace. Use our tips to determine how often you need to have your restaurant carpet cleaned.

4 Factors That Affect When You Should Clean Your Restaurant Carpet

Take these factors into consideration to determine how often to clean your carpets.

1. Foot Traffic

How busy is your restaurant? If you have hundreds of people coming in every day, you probably need more frequent cleaning. If you get hundreds of people per week, you can space out your cleaning sessions.

2. Weather

While the weather in Atlanta tends to be mild temperature-wise, we do get all types of precipitation. When it rains, people’s shoes get muddy, and they may bring the mess onto the restaurant carpeting. If it snows, dirty pieces of snow can melt in your restaurant, and people may also track in the salt you lay down in the parking lot.

Debris and dirt from weather-related circumstances may be cause for frequent carpet cleaning.

3. Everyday Cleaning Routine

You probably have a regular cleaning routine for your carpet that you enforce daily. Perhaps you vacuum every night and perform spot cleaning on obvious stains. The more maintenance you do on your carpets, the longer you can go between cleanings. Your carpet will also last longer when you focus on upkeep.

4. Type of Carpet

Different types of carpets require different degrees of maintenance. Most restaurants use carpeting with tufting or needling or some other shorter variety because it’s easier to clean. If you choose a plusher carpet, you will need to clean it more often to eliminate food particles caught in the fibers.

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