Carpet & Rug Institute: Approved Service Providers

The Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval

Carpet & Rug Institute: Approved Service Providers

Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning Atlanta – CRI Seal of Approval

The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends the use of certified Seal of Approval products and proudly recognizes SOA Service Providers who use SOA products and equipment to benefit their customers.

The Seal of Approval Service Provider designation assures customers that their carpets have been cleaned with only the best cleaning products and equipment. CRI recommends that consumers have their carpets professionally deep cleaned every one to two years, depending on foot traffic. Several major carpet manufactures specify the use of Seal of Approval cleaning products in their warranties.

Proper maintenance can enhance a carpet’s useful life, and ensure consumers their carpet functions beautifully throughout its intended life cycle. A Seal of Approval Service Provider AGREES TO USE CRI SEAL OF APPROVAL CERTIFIED EQUIPMENT AND CLEANING CHEMICALS AS PART OF THEIR ROUTINE CLEANING PROCEDURES. SOA Service Providers sign a participation agreement with the Carpet and Rug Institute outlining required guidelines. CRI recommends SOA Service Providers also be certified by the Institute of Cleaning and Restoration. Certification, (IICRC) and/or the International Cleaning and Restoration association.

Independent testing shows that not all carpet cleaning products clean equally well—some actually harm carpet fibers or result in faster re-soiling of cleaned areas. Matching the right cleaning method with the right product helps extend carpet life and protect its beauty. Premature carpet replacement uses energy and resources needlessly, and adds to landfill burdens.

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